February 1, 2015

Multiple Sclerosis

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Sticking with MS Treatment

Sticking with MS Treatment

Taking long-term medication for MS can be challenging. Find out why it's important to adhere to MS treatment, why sticking to treatment is an obstacle for some people, and what you can do to ensure you stick with MS treatment.

The importance of adhering to MS treatmentThe importance of adhering to MS treatment

Why is adhering to MS treatment so important? More...

Obstacles to sticking with MS treatmentObstacles to sticking with MS treatment

Taking medications for a long period of time can be difficult for anyone who has a chronic disease. Learn why some people with MS stop their treatment. More...

How to stick with MS treatmentHow to stick with MS treatment

Sticking with MS treatment can be challenging. It's not easy to take a medication for a long period of time, and people with MS may face challenges that make sticking to medication even more difficult. Here are some things that can help. More...


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