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Multiple Sclerosis

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MS: Looking Good

Super shoes for people with MS

Super shoes for people with MS

When MS affects your balance and coordination, having shoes that you don't have to fight with is important. The key is finding a comfortable shoe that's easy to wear and doesn't limit your activities. But don't worry – comfortable shoes can still look good! These tips will help you.

  • Are you a shoe hoarder? Take a long, hard look at your shoe "collection." Find all of the uncomfortable shoes that limit your activities. Some of these can be adapted using the tips below. Give the rest away.
  • Need new shoes? Find a shoe store that will measure your feet and help you find a shoe with good fit and support. These days, comfortable shoes are not necessarily ugly shoes. However, they may be expensive. Look for sales. Once you know your size and which brands and styles fit you best, you can also look for outlet or warehouse stores that carry them.
  • Having trouble tying your shoes? Try switching to shoes without laces, such as slip-ons, shoes with an elastic strap, or shoes fastened by Velcro. Right now, you may be thinking of the ugly running shoes you had to wear in fourth grade, but don't worry! There is a wide range of attractive styles available now. Elastic shoelaces are another option. They let you slip the shoes on and off without untying them.
  • Do your shoes or slippers keep falling off? You can sew an elastic strap to help the shoes stay on (or have this done at a shoe repair store).
  • Is your favorite pair of heels too high to walk in now? You may not need to get rid of them. Just visit your nearest shoe repair store and ask whether they can be lowered.
  • Are the bottoms of your shoes too slippery? A shoe repair store can put better grips on the bottom of your shoes, making you less likely to slip and fall. If you have the opposite problem (rubber soles that are too "grippy"), they can fix this too.
  • Is it hard for you to bend down to put your shoes on? Try using a long-handled shoehorn.

Following these tips can help you find a shoe that's right for you. But your job doesn't end there. Make good-quality shoes last longer – when you buy them, find out how to clean and protect them. When your shoes start showing signs of wear (such as a worn-down sole), see if you can get them repaired. If not, you'll need to replace them. Wearing worn-out shoes can be just as bad for you as wearing uncomfortable shoes.

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