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What to expect from your psoriasis treatment

Since there is no cure for psoriasis, treatment is an ongoing process. But "no cure" doesn't mean "no hope." Psoriasis can be effectively managed and it is possible to clear skin lesions.

The main goals of psoriasis treatment are to:

  • improve your physical symptoms of psoriasis
  • clear your skin lesions
  • improve your quality of life

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist to find a treatment that works for you. Choosing a treatment depends on many factors individual to you, including:

  • the type of psoriasis you have
  • how severe your psoriasis is (mild, moderate, or severe)
  • how much your psoriasis affects your quality of life
  • whether you have allergies to medications
  • whether you have other conditions
  • how comfortable you are with the risks and benefits of a specific treatment
  • how treatment fits into your lifestyle
  • how well you respond to a given treatment

Your treatment should meet the goals of psoriasis treatment listed above. If you find your treatment does not meet these goals, talk to your doctor about your options for a different type of psoriasis treatment. Your doctor may decide to change your treatment plan, such as adding a medication or switching medications. There are treatments that can meet your expectations - including clearing skin lesions.

Use the Treatment Check-up tool to see if it's time to see your doctor about your psoriasis treatment and treatment expectations.

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